I cannot find an option to change my plan

I am trying to downgrade my plan to a free one but cannot find a way to do it. On the window of Team and Billing, when I click the ‘Free’ plan as shown, the next button on the bottom is deactivated.

Anyone knows how to do it? Thank you.

From the Adalo Editor - Click the user icon in the top right, in the window that opens, click the Teams & billing tab near the top. Then choose Change Plan and set your plan to the free plan. That should do it.

Thanks to @TonyD for solving this!


@BladingB Did you solve it? I’m in the same situation and
I couldn’t change to the free version, so my money went out.
I sent an email to Adalo, but I’m worried that it won’t be processed…

Please help anyone~~~~~

TonyD’s solution DOES NOT WORK for me either.

The “Next” button is greyed out. I even went through the trouble of deleting my app entirely so that it wouldn’t be an issue of limits placed on the free account (e.g. 50 database entries).

Please Help, Adalo. Please downgrade my account.

@Passport @kangsm

Please Submit a support ticket to Adalo so they could fix your issue.

@Passport @kangsm Apparently I subscribed to it on a monthly basis and my subscription ended already. That’s why the ‘next’ button became greyed out because I was not subscribing. I recommend you check your bank account to see when was the last time you paid for it.

We currently have a bug in this operation that is being fixed by the dev team. In the meantime, please create a support ticket from the link mentioned.

I sent a support ticket on the 3rd and still haven’t received a response AND my card was charged in the meantime several days later. The “next” button is greyed out for me, as well.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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