I dont get it... what iam doing wrong?

I have users, who own pets. The pets need vaccination and medication information. Here you see how I arrange the database. It’s so far working but something is not right. I cant choose the pet profile image in the list for the vaccination overview and I don’t know why. I even cant choose the magic text NAME of the pet… Is anybody willing to help me?!


There are a few ways you can achieve this but for this example I would make join collections that store all of the information you need.

If you create a collection called ‘pet medication’ with relationships to medication and pets. Also create a collection called ‘pet vaccination’ with relationships to pets and vaccinations.

This will allow you to create lists for the pet and you can then have different pages with different lists. All lists will then be specific to that pet and you will be able to see the pet details on all pages linked from a selected pet.

If you want to future proof the app I would create a ‘pet treatment’ collection which has relationships to medications, vaccinations and other collections you may have in the future such as treatment or purchases or anything really. If you do this you will then be able to have one list which shows all different types of things in one list.

I hope this makes sense but if you are having issues then please let me know and I will put together a cloneable app so you can see how I would address your idea.

Good luck!


It would be awesome if you could create such a cloneable app i stuck again. @crmorris2 thank you!

Iam confused. I create pet, medication, treatment and vaccine and connected them all but how to remove a treatment from pet. I tried to use update but i only get update user

You need to delete not update. I have not had chance to do a clone today but will get around to it tomorrow for sure.

I tried with delete but then the medication was deleted for every other pet too and database gabe strange number. Thank you for your help

One main problem I have a drug that will have different dosage per animal and weight. For example “metacam” has dosage “1 x 20 mg per pet” and 1 x 10 mg per pet" I dont find a solution how to add the drug to pet X with dosage 1 and to pet Y with dosage 2 and have the drug removed after a certain time which need to be setup somewhere else. Like Drug Metacam, 1x10 mg for 10 days" while other pet “Drug Metacam, 1x29 mg for 5 days”. ahhhhhh

This image try to describe the problem I have. The Drugs have individually dosage due pet age, weight, species. So Drug 1 in Treatment 1 on Pet 1has different dosage and usage range then Drug 1 in Treatment 2 on Pet 2. I have no cloue if that is even possible what I try to build here :frowning:

Still trying :slight_smile: Why can’t

I add multiply drugs to 1 treatment?

I have started to build a cloneable example but won’t be finished until tomorrow night. I will keep you updated.

@crmorris2 THANK YOU SIR! You are awesome!

Sorry for the delay. Here is a quick example I did which shows you how I would create records in this instance. The main objective of the example is to show you how join tables work. Hopefully you can learn from the example but please let me know if you have any queries. The example can be cloned here Pet Example


Great thank you! Looks awesome. But the user account themself are not connected to the pets right? How to assign a pet to a user themself? The end goal is that the logged in user see his pet and all the treatments and medication stuff and can change the profile of each pet. The other part of your app I understood so far.

Morning. I have made a couple of quick changes which only shows a list of pets for the logged in user and also an option to add a new pet which links to the logged in user.

Please remember, I only created this as an example to show how relationships and join tables work. There are many many ways you can achieve what you are looking for and I would have designed it differently with lots more options than what is currently available in the example but it serves a purpose to show you what you need.


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Thank you thats helping me alot to understand it.


I want to develop a similar app. Could you help me!