I need help with adding my domain

I have been tweaking dns for hours now. None of them are working. Ive read posts of others having troubles as well. I had recreated my presets when fowarding my domain to Adalo, and created the correct records as well, the domain has been verified and paid for on sqaurespace, but Adalo comes up with the error “Your custom domain could not be verified. Please check your settings and try again.”

I am at a loss here, can I get some help

Hi @ITG,

Welcome to the forum!

Your setup is a bit incorrect. In your DNS settings you have added a hostnameitggaming.com” which points to hosting.adalo.com. But this is a hostname, so this record results in the full domain name “itggaming.com.itggaming.com” which points to hosting.adalo.com. This is probably not what you want.

If you would like to have a “root” record (itggaming.com) to point to your Adalo app, then unfortunately it is not possible: you can’t have CNAME for a root domain record. Some providers (e.g. Cloudflare) offer some workarounds for that but I don’t think Squarespace can do it.

You can add a custom record for example for app.itggaming.com. In the “Host” part you need to type in “app” (no quotes of course), select type CNAME and data should be hosting.adalo.com.


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