I think Adalo system has something wrong

This shows that created date is 9:47 on 3/20, so it should be shown on this filter. but it doesnt.
スクリーンショット 2022-03-20 9.55.01

Im so troubled these days, so please help me out…

Change the Magic Text.
First current time and then 30 min ago

If that still doesn’t work, copy and paste the list. Sometimes it just needs to be “reset”.

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Thank you, Michael…
I did both of them, but it doesnt….

Whats going on!!!

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So, you think it is impossible?

Hi @Yuki.O,

Did you try to use “Created Date” is After “30 minutes ago”?
As for me comparing between 30 minutes ago and current time is a bit strange, you can do that easier. Also I’ve noticed that “between” sometimes work in a strange way.


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