Time Difference Problem

“Created date” is US time. Date&Time is the local time.
I want contents to show up created date(US time) is after 30 minutes ago(the local time) no matter which countries users live in.

Does someone help me out?:man_bowing:

Hey there @Yuki.O

Can you quickly create a new user, add a text input, and set the magic text to created date so that we can see how different the time is?


Thank you, Flawless.

Sorry, what is magic text?

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Hi, @Flawless

Does it make sense?

My goal is to display only those within 30 minutes after being created.

スクリーンショット 2022-03-19 9.38.09

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Try this instead.

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I tried it but not worked.

I mean:

if Question1 is created at 4pm on 19th, I want it to show by 4:30pm.

Maybe, “created date” is recorded by the US time, while “30 minutes from now” is calculated from the local time (Japan is Japan, etc…)
So, to solve this, only the contents should stay on the for 30min. Is it possible?

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