I want to build a course within my app

I want to add a course within my app complete with exams and to generate a certificate of completion. I was thinking of making the course in type form some how and doing an integration. Does anyone have a better way?

Hi @Violajc ,


I would recommend to be inside Adalo, so you can control the question’s sequence and answer’s.

@James_App_Maker have done something like this before and @dilon_perera also made some preview about this, maybe you can gather from their ideas first.

For certificate, check bannerhq that can add text to image and generate it.

You might want to check imgix watermark function, to embed text into image as well.

If you describe more about your process, you can get more help.


Hi I understand your feeling you want to create an app with given the course and free education classes.
So you have to first of all create an app.

  1. Decide on your type of software: What kind of learning apps do you want to build with us? Whether it’s a mobile app a desktop app, a web app, or something else – you can select one or any combination.

  2. Choose the most similar app to your idea: It’s quicker to find an app that’s similar to what you’re wanting to build and then customise from there. We’ve app templates from leaders in the online learning industry. This doesn’t limit you at all – instead it’s part of why we’re 6x quicker than traditional methods.

  3. Select the features you want: Go with the auto-suggestion from our AI-powered library of features for your online learning app, or add any custom ones you want in your application.

  4. Select the launch platform: Do you want to go with iOS, Android, Desktop OS (Windows or Mac) or web? Select the launch platform you want to launch your online learning app – go with one or a combination of all.

  5. Select your team and delivery time: Choose the team from the global time zone you prefer and your delivery time (how quickly you want your e-learning app developed).

  6. Launch the app: You’re ready to launch your online learning apps. We’ll help you prepare for a successful launch

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