Ican't see My Webapp on my domain Not Found error

hello guys it’s me again and I am trying to publish my WebApp On my custom domain
and thanks to the community’s help I managed to add the domain to my Adalo account
published on

BUT !! When I go to Twsela.org which is my domain’s name I don’t find anything
here watch

although when I Click Open from Adalo it goes to the domain and shows me this

I waited for sometime before I post here and searched some topics but couldn’t find a match
I appreciate your help .

You are trying to access twsela.org, and yet you set up in Adalo Twsela Desk.

tried that already
Same error unfortunately

Not a expert using domains :melting_face: But did you tried refreshing your SSL certificate? ( how : WebApp on custom domain - website not secure - - #5 by axme )

Same error still Exists

check this out I went to the domain rules and gave it some redirect records and it worked

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