If Adalo is so amazing…

I had a thought. If Adalo is so amazing, which I believe it is, then why don’t they build there own forum app and web application similar to this? Go on, put your product on the front line :wink:


Because that’s extra work with no real reward.

Almost every company uses third-party forum platforms and Discourse is the king of community forums. And nowadays many companies separate product and landing pages. Webflow is the new king landing sites (which Adalo uses).

This is like saying casinos should build their own slot games making them liable to spend time and money on R&D, data management, maintenance, liability, and so much more when they should be focusing on their core competency. Anything beyond the cc is a pure distraction and waste of resources.


Because it would have performance issues and have unresponsive design lol That’s the reality of it. Adalo is great if you know the tricks and tips to getting around it’s current limitations. If you just want a simple forum and marketing website, this isn’t the way to go.


By the way, recently it often happens that some online casinos develop their own slot machines. There is such a trend in online gambling.


Because app won’t work