Image Lists: Pull from collection and from desktop


I have an image list which pulls images from a database collection called Profile images. I want to be able pull from the collection and from one’s pc but it seems like I can only do one or the other. Is there a work around for this?

Hi @gtubridy21,

You mean something like a Placeholder Image? Then you can add the image from the database clicking the Database option and then Adalo will give a option to choose if you need to display a placeholder image or not! Then you can select yes and upload the image!

Thank you

Hi Dilon,

I am looking to have a collection of 6 photos for a profile that will be displayed using a list, and housed using a collection. The user will add the 6 photos from their desktop, but the issue is:

  1. How would I prompt the user to add the photos from their desktop
  2. Once prompted say they already have 3 of the photos in the profile and want to swap out two of them. How do I prompt the user to remove two of the photos and replace with photos on desktop

Solving issue one solves issue two.


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