Impossible to use my app, slow and everything is disconfigured, Need Help

Hello, I have several claims to make and see how to solve them…
I made a new app…

  1. On the computer it looks fine and when I download it it changes everything

  1. It is impossible to use with the slow … it takes about 1 min to load each list and each product
  1. Trigger notifications don’t work.

Hi Santiago,

I’m sorry that you are facing these issues!

For the 1st and 2nd the best would be Submitting a support ticket.

For the 3rd issue I think the Trigger Notifications doesn’t work because you didn’t added a screen in the action. Try adding a screen to the action and see if it works!

See here : Notifications... Is this not possible? - #13 by tbel

Thank you

Thank you for responding, I already sent the ticket, I’m waiting for the answer because it’s impossible to use it like that… regarding notifications in other apps, I have some that don’t go to any page and it works, I’ll try to set up a notification page anyway


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