Indian debit cards won’t accept by strip

We have developed an application but it is not accepting Indian debit cards. Any alternative solution for this ?


Check for currency i think you set your default accepting currency as in Dollars ($) change to INR(₹).

After if it is not working check your stripe account (Should be sign up on /en-in)

And still you are not able to understand why it’s not working contact directly to stripe because they launch their service in India a months ago maybe something wrong in their back-end or something else.

@ishantanusrivastava Thank you for your time to respond on my query.

Yes, I Checked. In Adalo I have selected INR and in Stripe I have selected as in. When I contacted strip support they mentioned like it is declining by bank. But for credit card it works perfectly fine, Facing issue only for Debit card holders.

If I enable international transaction on my debit card, I can make payment through Stripe Payment tab but through Adalo application I’m unable to make it.

The same scenario i faced earlier with one of my website & at last i found that my bank is not allowing me for international transaction but when i used my another DC it worked. I hope it’s not SBI :joy: or any other gov banks

@ishantanusrivastava I have tried for bank debit cards. It is not working for any of them. I have tried for AXIS,Karnataka,ICICI,SBI & HDFC and many more. For all the debit card payment I got declined error on stripe.

Then i think you should talk with your bank or try with demo card aka testing card. If you are just testing your app

It’s an Adalo component issue. Indian cards require an OTP to be entered and Adalo doesn’t display the pop-up for the OTP page and therefore the transaction does not take place.

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