Insert a blank value into a record's cell

I’d like to empty a cell within my Adalo user table using the app. The app end user needs to be able to clear record properties to reset the values, but leaving the property blank leaves the value unchanged. The idea is to delete existing data from the cell and make it blank.

Finding out how to do this would enable simpler configuration of users’ list filter preferences.

I have no idea what I’m talking about but…

Does something like a non-breaking space work here? Can you force the value to be something that exists but is invisible?

Same trick is/was used with 1x1 transparent .PNG’s

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Hi @bgschust,

If the values could not be “zeroed out” (like numeric ones), the only way I know is to re-create the record (copy all relevant information from the old one upon creation and then delete the old one)
Downside of such approach is that you’ll have “Created” and “Updated” timestamps changed.

See similar discussion here: How to allow user to delete image from a record?

Best, Victor


Hi @Victor and @parasocks,

I tried a non-breaking space ( ) to see if it might clear the record value, but it just enters that as text. As for deleting the record, then re-creating it, that’s a creative solution but I think it’s easier for me to stick with entering Null or false into the cells for now. Thank you both for sharing ideas.

It would be neat if Adalo is able to add a feature that lets you submit {{Blank()}} or something similar to clear the cell.

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Hrmmm do ascii codes work?

Alt+32 is a blank space character in ascii…

A space does not substitute for an empty cell unfortunately. The cell has to be completely empty to match records that have not had that cell populated yet, but Null offers a decent substitute if you make sure every new record has Null entered into its empty cells.

Interesting use case. Would be good to have this added to the Feature Requests list.

I think Victor’s solution is the best way to go in terms of a workaround. You can also just create properties to copy the old created and updated timestamps.

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