Introducing GYST - Get Your Life In Order

Hello everyone. I’d like to announce the launch of our new app. GYST helps you get your life in order by organizing all of your documents, assets, and places.

GYST is like a digital logbook for everything. Do you have a car that you want to keep track of the maintenance on? Or even the cost of that maintenance? Or that and also other pieces of info like the VIN number that you can’t remember when going to renew your car registration? What about that car’s title and registration? Or your driver’s license? You can log all of this in GYST and connect the relevant pieces of info to each other. For example, your car title can be connected to your car, and your car can be connected to your house, etc.

How about your health insurance cards? If you’re like me and don’t carry your insurance card info around with you everywhere, what happens when you need it unexpectedly and don’t have it? I had to go to the Emergency Room a couple of years ago and I remember telling the administrator that I have insurance, but I’d have to go home and get my work laptop so that I could give them the required information because it was somewhere deep in my employer’s intranet. GYST solves this because you can log it all in GYST. When you need it, just open GYST, do a quick search, tap, and the information is at your fingertips immediately.

Please let me know your feedback. Would love to hear about any improvements that can be made!

Currently only available on iOS: