Moments - Mood/Emotion Tracker

Hey team, hope all well!

Launching my first Adalo app this week. It’s a simple mindful moment/mood tracker that I’m sharing with my subscribers this week (Web App) and will be uploading to the Apple and Android app stores for free (no ads) at some point this weekend.

Have REALLY enjoyed getting to know the platform. Thrilled with my experiences using the interface and getting support in the community and excited for where this is going in the future :raised_hands:

Thank you for making all this possible!

Best, Arthur


This is very good. Great work on the interface

Very simple, very clean UI and flow.

Amazing how such simplicity can make a huge impact! Let us know how the launch goes!

It’s amazing
And how you created loading on History page? It’s looks pretty

Oh, I find it in another post on this forum. Thx for you)

Thanks @IsaacO - I can’t stop myself tweaking it. App development is addictive! :sweat_smile:

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Thanks @Colin - It still feels a little it needs a few small touches to help it look simple but without looking basic.

But really enjoying the development process. Will keep tweaking it!

@oper2k No worries! Yeh, I found that this greatly improved the user experience since it removed the latency from the real-time formulae (sums, and counts) that I was running in the magic labels.

I actually ended up using a gif for the loading image that I generated over at and then compressed using I had some issues with Lottie loading in the Web App on my phone (it couldn’t find the Lottie component?) so this solution worked well.

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