Introducing New Community Guidelines & Moderation Practices

Whew! There’s a Lot Going on!

Our forum has undergone several changes over the last couple of months & we want to make sure y’all are aware of what has changed, will change, and what is staying the same.

Let’s start with what’s staying the same:

This community forum is meant to be a place for Adalo makers to come together and help solve each other’s problems, spark ideas, and ultimately be an uplifting group that’s all on the same journey! This is the purpose of the forum & we don’t want that to go anywhere & y’all have been doing prettttty awesome at surfacing resources, providing guidance, and solving some tough problems while building apps — so kudos :raised_hands:

There is one place, however, that we’ve not been the best at, and that’s actually moderating the forum. This community is meant to be a positive place for problem solvers & when poorly managed, the negativity can squeeze out all the good this community is doing.

We want to get back to making this forum a pleasant and engaging environment for everyone & that means introducing a couple of new guidelines and an outlined plan of what you can expect from moderation. We weren’t explicitly clear in the past how we’d handle makers who violated community guidelines & we were inconsistent, at best, at enforcing the rules. With more clarification around our expectations for this forum, we’re confident we can return this place to a thriving community with ample knowledge to share.

Today, we’re introducing a new set of community guidelines. For those of you who have been with us for a while, you’ll notice that most of the guidelines have remained the same — however, there is now an explicit section on our new three-strike policy and a couple more pointers on how to make this community even better!

Read more about the new Community Guidelines here.

So, Who’s In the Forum?

We’ve received lots of feedback from y’all about getting more employees inside the forum — and we’re happy to say we’re here!

Aside from our town halls which are led by Barrett, our Partnership Manager, and David, our CEO. Josh, our Director of Product, has posted updates around our roadmap & asked for feedback on numerous occasions. You’ll also notice a new friendly face, the Adalo CX Team, who will take daily turns coming into the forum & helping you out. They’ll specifically help point out resources to answer your questions, confirm known bugs, aid in identifying new bugs, and mark solutions, among a few other things to ensure knowledge is surfaceable by all!

Addressing some Misconceptions

The forum? Or a support ticket?

The Community Forum, along with & the Adalo App Academy, are resources that are available to help you make your app on Adalo! These resources should be your first stop if you’re trying to figure out how to do something inside your app. The community is full of wonderful experts & helpful Community Leaders that serve as a resource while you’re building your app & they truly understand all the power that Adalo has to offer!

The Community Forum is not a place to post bugs. You might be wondering why — and that’s because our bug process is intricate. When you run across a bug in your app that comes from the Adalo tool, the support ticket process is best for this information. In our ticketing process, we ask specific questions to identify and reproduce the bug and ultimately escalate that to our engineers. When bugs are reported in the forum, that information can get buried or missed — and that’s not what we want! Next time you find yourself running into a bug, please make sure to submit a ticket here.

Is that a bug? Or a feature request?

Sometimes, you might believe that you’ve found a bug in the system & our team lets you know this is a Feature Request. Getting on the same page about the difference between a ‘bug’ or a ‘feature request’ is needed to clarify this process.

A ‘bug’ is anything inside Adalo that used to work in a certain way & has since stopped working or changed functionality. A ‘bug’ could also be when a feature works in a certain way in one instance but another way in a different instance when it can be inferred that the functionality should be the same.

The best place to submit a bug is through our ticketing process.

A ‘feature request’ is anything where existing functionality needs to be changed or has never existed inside the Adalo tool.

Our Feature Request page is the best place to submit a feature request.

If you’re still not sure if something is a bug or a feature request, err on the side of submitting a support ticket & we’ll get it sorted out on our end.

It’s Only Getting Better…

As Adalo grows & changes, this forum and community will also undergo changes, but we believe they are only for the better. Introducing new guidelines will make this community a more positive and uplifting place to be & the clearer we become on processes, the more we’ll be able to align expectations.

The Forum will only be as great as the individuals who make it up, which means that each of you plays a part in making this community a better place. When you see something out of line, say something… when you have a solution for an especially tricky problem, share it! As we move forward, we hope to empower each of you to make this community a space where everyone wants to be.

Thank you to everyone who has helped bring this community to life — from our Community Leaders to our Experts and each individual providing solutions — y’all make this community one that’s worth being part of!