Sprucing up Support!

Hi everyone!

I’m sure you’ve all noticed some recent changes happening in the Forum (ahem… Community Guidelines & Adalo Community Leaders) But there has been other changes as well.

We put together a blog post to include you in on some of what we’ve been working on over the last two months & I definitely recommend checking it out. It’ll give you a little insight into why we’ve made changes, what those changes are, and what you can expect from us moving forward!

Read the full blog post here :point_right::point_right: Sprucing Up Support, Slack, & Sunsets

We really believe we have the best community around & we’re working really hard to ensure you think so too — first by uniting our Slack & Forum communities. So you’ll begin to see a lot of new faces in the forum, make sure to say “hi!”

Additionally, we’ve outlined some new Support Guidelines in our Statement of Support about what our team helps out with & there’s a new ticket form to get help :slight_smile: This will increase our response times and expedite resolutions since we’ll be asking for the “need-to-know” details to help! :tada:

Thank you all for coming along for this ride & bearing with us as we perfect our processes to give y’all the best we have to give!


Holy moly what an article! :heart_eyes:

Thank you @KatelynCampbell, and as always, love that you are taking this awesome maker community to next level and that you are learning from Webflow’s support. (Will we see one day an Adalo University?)

Keep up the great work :rocket:

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@Devops Adalo University :eyes::eyes:

Stay tuned!


Hi @KatelynCampbell - just tried to use the new support form, but it seems to be broken, it said missing fields were required, but all fields were filled in and there were no specific fields highlighted as causing the issue.

Also - there is no real easy place to find that link to the form (I had to come search in the forum. Suggest adding it to:
Adalo Homapage at the bottom somewhere
Adalo Help/Tutorials page: https://help.adalo.com/
Adding a banner or popup about it to the old Bugs page: https://ideas.adalo.com/bugs
Adding it to the Adalo editor UI menu in the top right (where the user icon is for Settings, Signout etc
Adding it to the Adalo Forums top bar
Editing the current locked post in the forums bugs section : About the Bugs category

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Also maybe remove Slack from the Learn page: https://www.adalo.com/learn

Initial feedback on the Support request page… it would be nice to have a profile so we don’t need to answer the same questions each time (first name, last name email, what we do/use adalo for, app link etc).

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Thanks for the feedback Tony. I have made a note internally for all the points to be taken in to consideration.