Introducing Tenet

Hi Adalo!

I’d like to introduce you to Tenet.
Tenet allows you to share principle-based feedback with co-workers.

:seedling: How it started
The idea for Tenet came through a combination of three things.

  1. I’ve always enjoyed learning about analytics in sports. I feel that great organizations should be using similar analytics for their employees and teams.
  2. The organizations I’ve worked at have used lacklustre feedback systems.
  3. I’ve been reading about different company cultures lately and it occurred to me that the best companies all have cultures that focused on growth mindsets, transparency and truth.

Tenet is the product of bringing both those ideas together.

:construction_worker_man: Why we built it
I truly believe deep down, especially in our professional lives, we all just want to do the best job possible. At Tenet, we think lacklustre feedback systems result in stagnated employee and organizational growth.

Most employee feedback systems only allow for positive feedback. “Great job!” “Sarah is a weekend warrior!” There are also typical survey questions such as “my boss cares about my well-being.” Current feedback systems tend to publicly display the positive feedback but hide and anonymize all negative feedback.

Tenet is unique because it is the opposite of the status quo. Feedback is based on a set of principles such as creativity, passion or acting like an owner. Employees can review each other on a selection of 60+ principles and assign a rating from 1-10. The results are open to everyone in the organization to see.

Why have everything out in the open? Isn’t that awkward, or mean?

Transparency is the future.

Anonymity allows us to hide behind a veil of secrecy. Perhaps this is a contributing factor to why we see less disinformation on LinkedIn compared to Twitter or Facebook.

Some may argue that allowing everyone in an organization to see a bad review is mean but I strongly disagree. Nobody likes being told an area of their work needs improvement but how do you get better at something if nobody ever tells you you’re bad at said thing?

When you know what someone is like you know what you can expect from them. Allowing for transparent and principled based feedback we can actually gain a better understand of who our co-workers are. This makes for better teams and better work.

As a CEO I want the people in my organization (myself included) to be constantly improving. The highs and lows of various reviews should not overshadow the steady growth over months and years.

:crystal_ball: Why now?
Think about the radical transformation that has taken place at work. Organizations are flattened and dispersed giving them less time with direct managers. Young employees have increased demand for accelerated leadership and continuous feedback. The work environment is highly complex — where we once worked with team in an office, we now work 24/7 with email, instant messages, video calls, and mobile devices that have eliminated barriers between work and our personal lives. The annual performance appraisal which is common at so many companies is rather useless for both the employer and employee.

:white_check_mark: How you can use it
Tenet is for anyone who wants to create transparent, highly effective work environments. If you’re interested in trying or learning about Tenet please reach out to me

Looking forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts on Tenet!

For more information you can find it here:
Apple App Store: ‎Tenet on the App Store
Product Hunt: Tenet - Share principle-based feedback with co-workers | Product Hunt


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