New demo app made with Adalo

Hi everyone :wave:,

bootikk is a platform that allows individuals who like to sell stuff on social networks to have a community platform equipped with e-commerce tools. Thus, transactions are easier to carry out.

Here is an overview of some features :

:zap: New products feed
:heart: Like products option
:bell: Notifications
:mag: Search for products by keyword, vendor name, category and city
:clipboard: Show product description with price, delivery costs …
:shopping_cart: add to cart option
:speech_balloon: messaging the seller option
:package: order tracking option
:office: Manage products option
:+1: Follow favorite sellers option

And more…

Come test the platform and let me know what you think :wink:

:point_right: Here is the link to bootikk in Product Hunt :


I am happy to test your app fully! :slight_smile:

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I have tested your app fully with a β€œ” and here is what I found.


Use maybe google translate API to translate words, I mean I liked some products there and maybe someone does, so It translates would be great.


Notification in the shop bar is down, is that supposed to be right?


Chat with owner feature isn’t working I have been waiting for 15 min in chat loading screen.

A bit laggy as list loads, In β€œchecker”

Thats my deep testing, so everything else is really amazing, and shows how improved adalo got!

Keep working on the app! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback.
Yes the app is a bit laggy.
Adalo team have to do something to improove that point as well.


That’s true, but for a deep testing and I found just that amount of bugs is nice! :slight_smile:

I agree. For a demo version Adalo is a great solution. But for a commercial version it is not yet complete.

Look Nice, congratulations, favorites don’t work. same problem here with my app an airtable base external.

Hello, i like the app, good UI ,
maybe just a quick one, how did you do go about adding products to a cart without loosing the order if user chooses a different category?

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