iOS Notification

Guys, I have two apps, one communicates with the other.
I’m going to Chamalo de Aplicatico (A) and application (B).
When a task is performed in the application (A), it sends a notification to the user of the application (B). So far so good.
On Android, notifications work perfectly. But not on iOS.
I found a post here, talking about, but still without success. The strange thing is that some months ago it worked normally on ios, and now it doesn’t work anymore. The Application is not yet published, it is on Testflight, and before it received notifications and now no more.


That sounds weird :frowning:
Just tested this from my test setup (similar - 2 apps), for me it worked.

Is the user on iOS app logged in? Push notifications will work only if a user is logged-in to the app.

Best regards, Victor.


Yes, the user is logged in to the application.
My settings on my apple account are the same as when I started the project (that is, it was working).
I can’t understand why, or where I’m failing.

I don’t know if you can do this, but if I can, I can send you the application test on Testflight.
(remembering that the app is in pt-br)


Ok, you can invite me. I’ll send you the email via DM.


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