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Continuing the discussion from Adding the push notifications feature, but about operation it does not work and no notification is paid to registered users. Is there a problem with push notifications, or am I the one who has the problem:

Hi every one, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the “trigger notification” function work for months and I finally found the solution.

As @anon78309838 in these posts says, the solution lies in the Log in: notifications are generated only if the user is logged in.

I report all this since it was not easy for me to find this solution and I hope it will be useful to someone.

Hi @Marino My Apps stopped 1 month ago sending push notifications on Android.
The support still trying to solve te issue.

Your notification works fine?

yes, it still works, tell me what your problem is, I try to help you as much as I can :muscle:t2:

Cant trigger notifications normally. (android)
1 month ago they stop working all is setup as Adalo recomends.
I didnt made any changes on the apps.

you talk about android, but iOS? can you check if it works? the problem is only android or both?

Cant trigger notifications normally. (android)
I cheked in 3 smartphones

okay, can you give me an explanation of how the notification is generated on your app? if you can also attach a screen, so that I can have a clearer idea

Hi. I have the same problems. Three days ago my notifications works fine but now it doesn´t work.
Ia have in my homescreen the request of permissions but it doesn´t work.

Is it native app or PWA?

It only works for native app, not PWA

Yes. It´s a native app. Testing in andorid device

this problem occurs only on android? do apple devices receive notifications?

For now, I´m not testing in apple devices

Hey all!

We are currently investigating this. It is not affecting all android apps but I have logged it and are working on identifying the cause.

I will update in here as soon as I know more!


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Thank you !!!

I’ve just checked and the notification push works. can you provide screen of how you set the action?

remember that the user must be logged in for the notification to start. another problem: the notification does not arrive if the recipient is the same as the sender, try to do the test with two different accounts

Hi. Yes , i am logged I am sending the notification to other android phone with an user logged.
Ia have set allows notifications in my home screen and send the notification to an user with a button.

This is how I set the screens. In HomeScreen I request the notification permission. When I click de image II go to the sending notification screen. There I have a list of users and when you click in one of them send the notification to this user.

I´m here again. Now it works. Don´t ask me why. Truly i had a problem in the button to send the notification. But the automatic notification that sends when i update a record It remains the same.
Previously I have eliminated all the actions where the app request permissions. While I was creating the app I was copying screens, maybe I copied the HomeScreen a few tiemes and maybe this was the problem.

Hey All!

​I have received communication from our team that a release was made to the platform that should address the issue with notifications not sending for both Android 12 and older versions of Android.

This will require that a new build is published. Submit a Ticket if the issue persists and we will look into this further.

Thanks for your patience while we resolved this!