Irregular layout with overlapping elements

I have a problem encountered, I believe after a change dl the display method of an element, due to the overlap of two elements. See the attached file.

Let me explain:
a. in the foreground I have a programmed rejection display that works through lists;
b. Below, hidden by a backdrop, is a message (no pickup) that appears when the featured item is not scheduled for the next day.

The hidden element (no withdrawal) was working before I made this change (see the attached file):
A. Name: name appears if the user has customized its field;
b. Heil: appears if there is no name.

I think the problem is caused by the ‘visibility’ function of the element based on conditions.

Does anyone happen to have a solution to my case?
Keep in mind that I had previously approached a different method: I had put the ‘no pickup’ message just below the main element, but there was no way it would work properly.

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

I solved it!
I had added the visibility feature to the whole block of the ‘no pickup’ message. This probably creates a conflict of some kind.

Perhaps developers may be interested in the case history :slight_smile:


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