Is Adalo right for me?

I am looking to use Adalo to create an MVP for a collection based battle game (trading cards) where people can battle their cards asynchronously with other players and win a random card or win the opponent’s card (depending on the game mode)
As far as I know, the only way to implement logic to determine the win is with an external API, and the only way to trigger the asset transfer is by using something like Zapier.
Is my assessment right or am I missing something?

Preface I have no idea what I speak of, but maybe you could develop a component that does what you want for the logic end and submit it to the Adalo marketplace.

I have no idea which one of those options is more work.

Although what you want to achieve is of course completely possible within Adalo, I’m not sure it is the best choice based on your need of it being “asynchronous”. Based on the changes you have implied, I feel that the updated changes would take a few seconds (5s or more probably) to be shown on on the client side.

If that is an acceptable wait time for, then I would say Adalo is the right choice.

For an MVP I think it would be alright. We’re really testing the concept.
I’ve started building some of it.

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