Is it possible to have multiple modal screens by clicking 1 button

hi all, is it possible to have multiple modal screens by clicking 1 and the same button?.

For example, you click ‘save’; on a certain form.

I would like following to happen:
If condition x is true you get modal screen 1
and if condition y is tru you get modal screen 2

I have created the modal screens, this sometimes happens etc. but it doesn’t work?
Hope you can help, thanks!

Instead, why don’t you use the same modal screens and change visibility rules based on the conditions you have.

i.e. True: show one component, False: the other.

hi bhanu, great, thanks so much for the suggestion. I will try that!

hi bhanu, I tried it, but if I create 2 pieces of text in the modal screen and change visibility for both text items, the modal screen becomes blank? any idea what I could be doing wrong?

I have item X that could be true or false
and I have item Y that could be true or false (in the same form) -> I want 1 modal text when X is true and 1 modal screen when Y is true. or can your suggestion only be done for true and false for say X?

@Elianne1 Single modal screen should work, basically if I understand your task right, there are 2 pieces of text and appears depending on True/False conditions.

Scenario: Text 1 (True - Visible) & Text 2 (False - Invisible)

And vice-versa. If this is what you’re after, it should work.

For testing purpose:

  1. remove the visibility rules first and show both the texts to see if they show up.
  2. Add one visibility rule for first condition and see of that works and so on.

If you can share the screenshots on what you’re trying to do, it might give us more clarity to quickly help you.

Cheers! Happy 2021.

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