SaaS Accounting App for Small Businesses

Hello! I jaust came across Adalo earlier today. I have no coding experience. Im planning to create a SaaS startup that allows small shops and business to record their basic sales/putchases, bank deposit, withdrawal transactions. App will save all their transactions and present data in form of reports, dashboards etc.

My questions are:

  1. Which plan is good enough for me to test and develop the solution. I would like a plan for me as a developer only and should allow upto 1000 users and upto one million entries posted by them per month

  2. I can develop the full logic in shape of data tables in excel. How can i do it in adalo? Does adalo support thus type of solution involving lots of data, graphics, daahboards etc.

3.will the adalo plan include data storage as well?

  1. Will i need to integrate adalo with other solutions to build this or can it all be done in adalo.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

Best regards


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