Is only me? Limit to 50 rows doesn't help with my MVP

Hello all,

I find it hard, if you have an idea for an app and want to get started, with a limited 50 rows of data per app.

It should be better to have limited number of apps eventually, but a bigger DB capacity, otherwise there is not really a way to have an MVP in front of your audience.

Please extend and/or give the ability for free plan to access others external DBaaS via APIs.

Yeah, I feel similarly about some restrictions regarding the free plan. However, I think this is tied to their business model, so that people who want to make their MVPs choose higher plans. They also said in a recent webinar that they’re planning to introduce multiple pricing tiers down the line, but that could take several more months.

Personally for me, if there’s anything to add in the free plan, it would be Airtable integration. I wasn’t personally bothered by the 50 row limit, because I felt that was more than enough to test out my ideas. If it just had the Airtable integration, say only up to 1 base, or up to the 1st 100 rows in that Airtable base, that would’ve been perfect.

The reason 50 rows is enough for me is because I’d I would’ve used the free plan to test out all the features of Adalo and see if it can bring my concept to life - features like:

  • how customizable is it?
  • Does it have enough tools and components to design my MVP’s workflow?
  • Can I customize the UI of the app to the way I want it to?
  • Is it easy to make and design?
  • Finally, but importantly, is the performance of the app good on smartphones,
  • and does it integrate the way I want it to with Airtable?

I’ve tried similar products before Adalo, and in all of them I was severely dissatisfied with at least two of these points above. In Adalo, after subscribing to the Pro plan, I’m having a really good time. So in my experience, if I could’ve tested Airtable out in the free plan, I would’ve jumped even earlier. I think there’s a lot of people on the same fence as I was when I upgraded to the Pro plan - “what if I fork out $50 on this, and it doesn’t meet my requirements for Airtable, performance, ease-of-use, UI customization, etc?”

In your case, I’d say if your app functions properly with the 50 rows of data (i.e. in terms of UI, the workflows, etc etc), then that’s good enough to justify upgrading to the next plan where you can then add more users and info. I’m sure Adalo is worried about giving too much capacity in their free plan because that could hurt their server performance/costs, and could hurt them financially as well. E.g. if the restrictions were loosened too much on Adalo, I can easily run full-fledged apps on it on the free plan. If I need another app, I’ll simply create another email account.

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[…] Personally for me, if there’s anything to add in the free plan, it would be Airtable integration. […]


We have an Airtable integration :slight_smile:

Yep, but you need to upgrade your plane for enabling API interaction. I mean, at the stage where I’m validating an MVP and I don’t know if the value is there, I should invest in a paid plan anyway. That is not ideal for indie makers & solopreneurs.

I can offer you a 1 month free trial if you need to test these items out. DM me your details.