Is stripe subscription component working? / prices don't seem to be valid

Hi. I can’t get the stripe component to work. Reading through the posts in the archive this component seems to have a troubled history.

According to the stripe logs the price id I inputted into the price ID box in the component seems not to be valid. An example response I’m getting from the stripe API is No such price: ‘price_1OMuLYEBBxqzjqlnOI8dTKUj\n’

The user email seems to be accepted by stripe as I can see users being set up. Is there something obvious I’m missing? Thanks

This can be a mismatch caused by ‘test mode’
If you are using test mode the product_ID has to exist under ‘test mode’ in your stripe dashboard.

And vice versa.


Thanks. I made the test product live and it worked. I also had a live product but that didn’t work. Anyway - who cares as long as something is working. Thanks so much!

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