Is support not available anymore?

So i have emialed Adalo on a few occasions asking for help, i have also replied to emails from previous support sessions. However no one is getting back to me, i kind of feel like I’m being ignored.

Even when i reach out on this forum asking for someone from Adalo to contact me nothing happens. The support was fantastic when i first signed up but in the last few weeks it’s like veryone has vanished!

Screen will not scroll.
Is Stripe ID stored in the DB yet? I understand there was an issue with this.


Hi Elliot,

Sorry that you feel that way and had that experience. We are still here and answering questions as fast as we can.

On a side note, the forums aren’t really intended for direct support from Adalo but more of a community questions and answer platform. Your best direct line to support is through email. (

Also note that we do not work on weekends :slight_smile:

Hi Colin, I have sent numerous email to but have had zero responce. I had to take to the forum as thats the only place you can get an answer.

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