Is there a way to turn off "Instant Navigation"?


I have just updated my apps to view the new “Instant Navigation” feature and I would like better control over it, it shows up everywhere when there are multiple actions to a screen, this causes design issues as I have already been using Lottie files to show loading screens. Other issues where a modal pops up or down, it is not smooth, it shows the loading screen in-between these actions, also I have pages where the animation to pages is set to none but now those buttons that have multiple actions before viewing the page it shows the loading screen, this ruins the design and feel of the apps.

The update before this, where you added the loading animation to buttons and icons, this improves user experience because now they know something is happening and works well with the apps. With this “Instant Navigation” loading, I would like more control of when it should happen and when it should not and in future, control over the design as well. The apps are becoming stock Adalo and we are losing more control over the design of our apps.

I have been reading the updates but cannot find a way to turn it off, it seems it will be left on by default. Could anybody from Adalo tell me if I would be able to turn this feature off for my apps?

I agree. We’ve designed our apps to workaround Adalo’s loading times and now by having this automatically on in every app forces us to re-design many buttons and screens.

For example, in my chat screen, in order not to have the list of messages refresh automatically, anytime a new message is sent, the app goes to a transparent screen and immediately comes back, giving the user the impression that he never left the chat screen. With instant navigation this is not possible anymore - he does feel he leaves to a loading screen and comes back.

I agree, “Instant Navigation” is the worst! Our user experience has gone down the drain, almost every click on the app takes our user to this crappy looking loading screen. With no control over when it works, or how it looks, we received nothing but complaints from user and a good chunk of uninstalls …

Needless to say, our app has gotten slower and slower and slower. On all fronts. I am not sure what is going on with Adalo.

But one thing is clear, our app performed 10x better a month ago than it did today. The “Instant Navigation” just killed it completely for us and we are now preparing to leave Adalo. Sad ending really to 8 months of daily work on this platform.

I do think it’s cool that we now have Instant Navigation and it can be very useful in some situations, but we do need to have more control over it.

Thanks for sharing this. There isn’t an official way to do turn this off currently but I agree we probably need to allow makers more control here (I’ll work with my team and see what we can do). As a bad workaround, it doesn’t currently run when there are conditional actions present so that might provide you with some options until we include a more formal way to control this (conditions add time so I’d only use this in extreme cases where you really don’t want a loading screen).

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Thanks for the tip. The loading screen only happens when there are actions plus a link to another screen, correct?

That’s correct.

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Thank you for hearing us out and I appreciate the reply @adalojosh, I hope the updates do come soon.

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Hi @Kasimjh and Everyone,

Adalo released a feature that we can turn off the Instant Navigation option! ( cheers for Adalo and @adalojosh )

Check it out here! : Improved: New Option to Disable Instant Navigation | Adalo Changelog

Thank you

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Thanks for letting us know, Dilon!

Do you know if, with instant navigation turned off, there will still be a loading spinner in the button/image when we click?

Your Welcome, Afonso!

Just checked and unfortunately, yes. Maybe you could also check and confirm?

Yes, it appears that way. But I’m happy with that. It doesn’t freeze the app and let’s the user know something’s happening.

Thanks again, and thanks Adalo for the fix!

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