Issues with verifying ID on Google

In order to publish apps on Google Play, we need to verify our identity for the developer account. I have tried multiple times, both with my drivers license and my passport, but it keeps getting rejected. The reason is that the whole document is not visible. But the only thing that`s not visible in my drivers license number and birth number. And on the passport, I have cut out the passport number and birth number.
Have anyone had similar problems?

No I’m not joking. Of course I dont want that information spread out to anyone. And Google it self clearly states that this information should be blocked out.

That’s a first for me. I’ve never seen that.

Have you tried contacting Google Play’s support team to see if they can provide specific guidance on what information must be visible on the ID documents? They can provide more clarity on what needs to be visible for your identity to be verified.

Also, I noticed you mentioned some issues with ID documents. You can visit for any tips on how to spot fake IDs. They have some great informative videos that can help you identify fake IDs and stay safe in various situations.

The same issue happened to me. Well, not the same. I had to send money via Xoom to my friend ASAP and exceeded the limit. They requested my ID for verification, but there were some problems with confirmation.

Dealing with ID verification can be a real hassle sometimes, especially when it comes to platforms like Google.

I can totally understand your frustration. Have you tried using the fake ID checker online? It’s a nifty tool that can help you identify any issues or inconsistencies with your identification documents. It might provide some insights and help you figure out what’s causing the rejection.
I remember facing a similar problem a while back, and the ID checker really came in handy. It helped me spot some potential errors and missing information that could cause trouble. It’s worth a shot!