Just 1 minute to Thank Adalo

Hello everyone,

My name is Afonso and i’m from Portugal, i’ve been on Adalo since 03/2020 and this changed my life.

I’ve been able to create a company and now have 3 full time employes and some part time ones, normaly and myself included, i used to demand new things on adalo, new features, more performance and we take no time to thank this guys. .

Adalo is NOT the only nocode tool, is NOT the oldest nocode tool but is the one that are TRULY build for NO-CODE, i try others and always the favor people with code background, here i could with 0 experience build a sucessfull app system that delivers food to my city with sales toping 150K this first year. I Quit my old job and take on adalo and my company full time, and FOR THAT i’m thankfull to adalo, to empower EVERYBODY.

I know that there is a long way to go, but i’m here, i’m buying components, i will learn in the forum and i will teach if i know how to.

IF YOU ARE IN THE SAME POSITION thank this guys, but please dont use my Post to ask for Sh*t, they are working on it.

Sorry for my bad english,

PS: My app for those curious, fast.jarvas.pt


Inspiring experience! Thanks for having shared it with us :slight_smile:

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You Welcome :smile:
hope Adalo empowers everyone!

Congratulations @AfonsoMarques , Mérito de Moçambique aqui… Ainda estou para aprender a usar Adalo.

Continua, que vai valer apena :wink: