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I’ve have been reading a lot of comments in the forum on a few new updates that Adalo has been pushing out to us makers… and all I see is complaint after complaint after complaint. I feel that as paying users of the Adalo platform our voice should be heard… but how some people are going about it is just sickening and it honestly deterring me from reading any comments and participating in discussions.

Haven’t your mommas ever taught you, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?? This applies to us adults as well, just a little FYI. Like come on guys. Adalo is shipping more updates now than the past year because they were going through big growth within their own team. What Adalo is doing now takes an army of people, and they are on their way to the top!

Give your feedback, say what you will, but do it in a manor that is not demeaning to @jessehaywood who is the voice of Adalo right now. or any other Adalo staff. They are making this platform for EVERYONE not just you.

Ive built a 3 sided app. including Admin, Teachers, and Students. I have multiple libraries and loads of features. My first iteration was slow but Ive since rebuilt and have improved performance and functionality. Every single feature I have was built all in Adalo. If Adalo did not have a component that got the job done… I researched. Ive watch hundred of hours of videos of other Adalo makers building random things in Adalo. From there it was trial and error and I was able to achieve everything I had imagined. Of course some things are limited but still achieved.

My point being… take the time to research. Your app is slow? Rebuild your database. Oh your app is still running a bit slow? check out how many actions you have running at a time Don’t see a component to do exactly what you want? RESEARCH how to do it another way Literally anything is possible in Adalo you just need to find a way.

Props to the Adalo team! You guys are doing some great stuff! Keep it up!


Well. This product is advertised as a working product. Many of us pay money for it and we have business which depending on it. Many are not making apps for fun but trying to establish a business with adalo. This is difficult and complicated if the performance is really bad for a commercial app, not to mention the various bugs that appearing here and there which disrupting our business. And your advice … “Your app is slow? Rebuild your database” cant be a serious way. If the product is fault or broken - its not our job as a paying costumer to “rebuild apps” until they working as advertised.

I love Adalo and its simplicity compared to other no-code app development tools. Since I use 5 other no-code tools I can compare the support and time in which updates and features appearing. And Adalo sadly lacking on all aspects. I would be willing to pay 200 USD per month if the development circle would be faster and performance better.


I have seen little-to-no feedback that has been demeaning to Jesse


From what I came across, none has been demeaning to a specific person. As mentioned in this thread, when you pay for a working product, you expect it to perform to a certain standard. It’s been sub par.

I don’t know about everyone, but most of us cant really scale a business with this platform in its current state. Right now you can make prototypes but it has limited scope due to not being able to export code which other platforms offer. Yes this is no code but eventually if you want to scale a business/any app you have to work in some code and being tied down to a platform is not the way to go. Thats my personal experience making apps for clients using various different tools. Im sure others may have different experience.

PS - The thread talking about the marketplace being a letdown is no longer available…

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Hey @shayz
I requested to remove my thread about the marketplace as my voice was heard and the proper staff has been notified about my requests. I do not want to scare anyone away from Adalo if they’re just joining the forum by presenting them with such a negative tone.

I’ve noticed quite a bit of negativity towards Adalo in the past couple of weeks (and I’ll admit that I’m partially to blame because of my “what a bummer” post).

Let’s try to focus on the positive. There are several new Adalo staff members and communication about bugs/improvements has never been better (keep up the good work @jessehaywood).

With that being said, I’m standing behind Adalo through these growing pains. I believe in Adalo and I have faith that Adalo will continue to improve.


I second that. Even if I sound harsh sometimes I still believe in Adalo and paying my monthly fee even in the last 6 months when I did not found time to work on my app.

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I love adalo because it allows us to do fast projects but it has MANY PROBLEMS, the system always crashes, slow support, very slow transmission of information from the database, it takes a long time to load the pages, in short, MANY PROBLEMS that must be solved … today all day wasted due to preview, component and other problems … I think they should look for more investors to improve the service. I have faith in ADALO but we cannot grow since clients always write to us about problems that we cannot solve