Just want to give a shoutout!

I wanted to give a quick shoutout to one of the most helpful people I’ve found around the community, @axme He has come through for me in the biggest way several times. Functions and components I’ve spent months on, he figures out and makes work inside an hour coaching session. Guys, seriously, if you’re considering a coaching call with someone to help you finish up one aspect or another of your app, hit up Axel. I first joined his community on Geneva (Geneva) and the community helped clear quite a few things up when I was NEW NEW. But even with over half a year of experience under my belt, and a mostly completed product, I still run into issues, and Axel still comes through. He was the first person I ever had coach me, and the only person I’ve ever had coach me.

Join the community, and sign up for Axel’s weekly Thursday meetup. It’s been an incredible time learning about the future of no code, what’s possible on the Adalo platform, and just being inspired by people similar to myself who have the ambitions of creating their own company or product. Get an invite link here: NoCode Meetup | Meetup I promise it’s worth it.

Later guys! Happy no-coding!


thank you for such a nice shoutout, makes my day :slight_smile:


Thanks for recognizing invaluable people, @Skuccy !!

I’d like to also give a shout-out to @dilon_perera who has always been helpful as well!!