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I have two problems. The first one is about a last message text field of the conversation in my chat app. I would like to have a text field in my user chatlist where it shows the last message sended in the conversation. It doesn’t matter who sended it. For example, chat apps like Whats App or Apple messenger does have a last message of the conversation in the card. Like the picture below

The second problem is to have notifications when a user sends a message to the person, when the person is not in that conversation. Like whats app. The person get’s only a chat message if the person is not directly chatting with the user. The fierst problem is that I don’t know the component I need to trigger in the chat template and the second one is to make a notification with the message and user full name.

I am using the basic chat template of adalo.

Please help me out.

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Thanks for the tip. I will look into that! The last message of the conversation problem is still a problem for me… Do you or does anyone know how to fix that?

Hi Max,

Nest a list in your list (you’ll need to do a custom list for the top level). Filter it to the current conversation and show 1 item. It’ll show the last message!

Hope that helps!

Hi Erik,

It is still unclear for me. I sended you a personal message, with some things i tried in the app.

Hope you can help me out.

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