Layering buttons on text input fields, esp. using „Email validator“

Hi there,

I want to have an invisible „Validate email“ button over an icon at the right hand side of a text input fielt. But I cannot get the button to overlay the field. The text field is always in front, regardless of how I oder the objects in the page view, or use the „Arrange“ features.

Here the design view:

Here the prieview:

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance!

Pin the button to below, if you want button to be in the top pin to the top

Thanks for your input on that! But firstly, there are no style settings for the button and secondly, the top and bottom pin options are for positioning the object on a scrolled list, but not for adjusting the layer.

Any other ideas out there?

Best regards

Group them together and then go to the group setting and arrange the button position (click on “bring to front”). It will work.