Like/dislike icons visibility on the same spot

Hello everyone, I am trying to develop like/dislike and save/unsave icons for users that would stick on the same spot when one is visible and the second one is not. However, it does not stick on the same spot when the icons change. Could anyone please advise me on how to keep both icons on the same place? Both are never visible at the same time. Thank you for all the advice.

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Have both icons either on top of each other or one icon right beneath the other. Apply “Change visibility” rules and it should work.

There’s a follow/unfollow video which shows exactly how this is done.

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It’s very strange I am sure I’ve tried it but it did not work. However, I did it again and it seems to work now. Hopefully, it will keep working. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem doing the exact same thing as @Tommen.
Is this a bug?

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