Like/Dislike preserve same position

Hi guys, does anyone please have a tip on how to preserve a position of a like and dislike icon, conditional visibility in particular? I tried literally everything, sometimes it works, sometimes not and it’s super annoying. If I position in right below each other, position it over each other… once it works, then it doesn’t :exploding_head: :exploding_head: don’t know what to do :unamused:

Hi @Tommen — I have been here and know how frustrating it is . Try placing a rectangle (with no background color) beneath (layering below and not adjacent) the two components so that it surrounds the area with some padding. It also depends if there are any other components near it, so try placing a rectangle for those as well if it does not display the way you intent it. For some extreme cases I have needed to overlap both groups by 1 or 10 spaces using the arrow keys.

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Hi @hobokencloud, thank you for your response and suggestions. I will give it a try and hopefully, it will work :blush:

Using shapes as “containers” usually helps with these issues, as suggested already by @hobokencloud.

Otherwise, please share a screenshot of the setup Tommen so we can take a look and suggest alternatives.

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Thanks! I gave it a try as previously suggested and it worked :slight_smile:

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