Line breaks in prompt

Hi, I’m letting my users type text that is added as prompts passed on to chatgpt. When users use line breaks, the automation does not work. How do I go about. Adalo should have the function of removing line breaks and replacing with spaces or similar. I prefer not to use an external application. Thanks in advance.

I have the exact same issue on my app Linear - ChatGPT Assistant made with Adalo

I’m looking around for a quick solution

I use the urlencode component to stop the line breaks causing the custom action to fail

Can I ask you how you implemented it? Because processing response is already slow on Android, I don’t want to overload it

I use the urlencode component on the button of the form, before sending a custom action to integromat. Integromat then passes the payload to sendinblue. Integromat decodes it as in the screenshot below:


I can’t comment on any performance impact I haven’t done a comparison of with and without.