Linking form input to new sign up users

I am making an app that firsts takes in some form information from the users including email. Once some verification is done outside the app from the information provided I would like to be able to send the user a link of some sort that activates their profile and only needs them to add a password to gain access to their new profile.

How can i go about doing this.

Hi Majid,

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The part where you click a link in the email is not possible at the moment; you can upvote it here.

If I where you, I would add a input for the user to enter a code that you send to them via an email.

Learn more about it below.

You need to hook this up with a custom action (see video above on how to do send to email with custom action) (paid plan feature)

Alright thanks :+1: I will try this out and see if it works