List of Deals filtered by if user follows a category

Hello! I am making a deal finding app and I ran into a bit of trouble. I currently have collections for users, categories, user categories, deals, and a collection called user deals which I am not sure I need. However, the trouble is that I want to populate the users home screen with a list of deals that are filtered based on if the user follows a category. I will also add that I need the list to trigger the app to change to a deals by category screen. So I cannot filter based on the customer categories. Well I could I think but I would like to have it done by using a category filter instead.

First group of screenshots are the databases I have set up. Customer category works. And do not worry about the deals portion. Businesses will populate that with their own deals.

Sorry, the second to last image is the home screen where I am trying to display the list of deals that only include deals for categories the user wishes to see.

This is solved. If anyone else encounters this issue. Use nested lists with your data that can be pushed to the screen in the first list and then use a relationship to add a second list in that list and filter the first list to only show specific data to ensure that the first list only acts as a container and not a list!


I face the same problem; I wish to filter the list with the click of a button. I am not sure what you mean by the solution, anywhere I refer to the detailed steps? Thanks