List on my app not showing up

Hi, I have a list inside my app for current order -> menu items.
For some reason, it’s not showing up and all the settings are the same as in the tutorial.

I have deleted it and redone it from scratch around 3-4 times and it’s still not showing up. Any idea how to fix it?!


Could create a screenshot of the actions that happens when you select a bagel it would also be helpful to see if the issue is there.

In order to help you I would need to see each action that happens from the start of the order to the screen where you would expect order items to be displayed.

Yes, here’s the order of events:

  1. Press on “Add”
  2. Modal: choose variant (each variant dropdown will show up depending on the conditions of the current menu item
  3. Checkout/continue shopping: Update order with selected form inputs (in the order recrod there’s a slot for each type of item so it doesn’t overwrite: bagels, one for latte…)
  4. Checkout: that’s where they’d see the list and confirm the order

thanks @Edward for offering your help ! I solved it. I forgot to change in the action “add item to order”. The relationship menu items <> order was not connected

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