Lists not appearing anymore

Hi friends, I have a sudden problem I’m hoping you can shed light on.

I am building a web app for a cohort of project teams we are mentoring. We have a database of contributors, and in the web app, the project team should log in and be presented with a series of filtered lists of these contributors that will be the best match for their projects.

I originally had this app set up so that the lists would be of Contributors - under 2 Groups of 2-3 topic categories each. All the info on the cards, and the info on the Profile Pages after you click a card, was pulled from Current Contributor > info. But last night I realized that what I really need was lists of Matches, which has a relationship between a Project and a Contributor, and the properties are details of their match (match strength, topic category, contact made bool, etc). So I changed the lists from Contributor to Match, and made all the info pull from Current Match > Contributor > info

Except it… didn’t work. All my lists disappeared. It’s something about the Database itself - I created a simple list of Matches with no visibility or filters, and it wouldn’t show up at all.

Can anybody think of ANY REASON why this would be happening?

Thank you!
Match properties:
Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 10.39.19 AM

What it SHOULD look like but doesn’t:

How did you do this change?
If you change the collection/databasis of an existing list, you have to redo all Magic Text even if it is the same name. Technically Adalo uses an I’d which relates to the collection/databases you removed.

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I did indeed go over the Magic Text and replace all the text to direct at Current Match > Contributor > any relevant information … I just went back and checked it again. All good.

It’s something to do with the Database itself. I created three Test Matches in the Match Database. When I create a simple list of Matches with no Maximum, only one of those three Tests is visible in the list.

So, I just deleted the database and created a new database with new fields and changed all the text to point at the new database, and it worked. Buttload of work, but it worked.

Also, I think I discovered a bug where if you use option+click,drag to duplicate a component, it breaks any text boxes with magic text. So that was fun to figure out.


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