Local Table with Reference to Parent External API Table

I have a table from an eternal API. It has an ID field for the key.

I have a local table that contains a field that will store that ID from the external ID. I cannot create a reference which is fine but I also cannot get a list to filter using it.

When I go to filter my child list the first filter doesn’t have any options but ALL. This seems to default to using the ID key field from the parent table. Then when I create a second filter I can choose more options for the child key but I cannot get the parent ID, it is missing from the list (presumably reserved for the first filter only).

I would love to solve this. I tried to make both tables external API driven tables and again there is no way to define this relationship.

Welcome to the forums @Gregorio.

Could you post some supporting materials from the builder on how you have set this up so we may take a look and see if we can identify any issues.

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