Tranlslation Pragmaflow Plugin

Hi there, I was wondering how to classify the translation as right now I translated all English text to Ukrainian, however when I choose the English language, the language still stays at Ukrainian rather than English, how should I approach this?


Hi Max,

I think you need a refresh to change the texts to that selected language. Not used this component very well :slightly_smiling_face:

Here : Multilanguage Adalo App for logged in users (1/2) - YouTube

And if you are using two separate buttons for Update the Logged in user>language you need to make the button a list clicking the three dots and filter them by code or name and then Adalo knows which language to Update.

Thank you

Hi thanks for your answer
I am using a multi-select dropdown for users to choose the language before they log in, should I make that into a button and how should I go with the workflow?


Steven explains this better in the video.

For Logged in users :

For Non- Logged in Users :

As my flow is this, first is the welcome screen with choosing the language and the device detector, and after they choose the language, they will then be directed to mobile or web view of the landing page (either in English or UA), and then they will choose to sign up and use the app.

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