Logic functions. New component!

Hello guys!
Today I want to introduce you my new private component, called NotEnoughLogicFunctions. It implements various logic functions to Adalo, such as AND, OR, NOR, etc.
Also with this component you can create if…else… branching, without hiding and showing elements.
You can compare integers, fractional numbers, string content, and even string lengths with numbers!
I’ve made video review of this component on youtube: (ADALO) Logic functions component! (OR,AND,NAND,ETC.) - YouTube
If you got interested, you can contact me in telegram: Telegram: Contact @davidgegiya
Or just write me in private messages here.


Hi @Davidaa_WoW
Great initiative! I really apreciate your efforts. I would love to have it. Is this component paid or free of cost?

Looking forward to new exciting components.


Hi @Davidaa_WoW I would be very interested in this component, can you provide it for me please?

I want to buy it too!