Login redirect not working for new members


What I want to happen.

When a new user registers I have set up the Signup button to sign them up and redirect them to a waiting room.

Once the new member has been approved they get a notification and in the waiting room an ‘Enter app’ button becomes visible.

I have set the same up for the Login button.

However, this works for the signup button, (send new user to the waiting room), but it does not work for the login button, (it remains on the login screen :thinking: )

Any ideas what I missing?


Hi @chapperzz,

I think it’s not good for add conditional actions after Login. You can add this action on another screen and link the Login form to that screen and in that screen you can add this action as a screen action!

See this post by @Victor : My app is making me enter login details twice - #4 by Victor

Thank you

Thanks, but the problem is I don’t want or need another screen.

@chapperzz , this is what you want? APP with waiting room

Hello, the problem here is that you have added linking action that have a condition in the same button of the login action, and that won’t work because the condition that you have added is related to the logged in user’s data, and the linking action cannot access the user’s data at the same time the user logs in. This condition should be added in another screen or other component after the user signs in.

I hope I have solved your problem
Thank you!

Thanks, I have now sorted the problem

Perfect! You’re welcome!