Long time, no see. Should I hop into Adalo again?


I used Adalo around 1 year ago to start developing some projects of mine, but the limitations back then made it very hard to build what I wanted. Now I’m wondering if I should jump back in. So here are some questions:

  • Is the web version of an app responsive now?
  • Does firebase work?
  • Is scheduled push notifications a thing?
  • Is there easy native camera? Not just a picture chooser with a camera option?

Hi Alex,

Adalo is launching a project this summer to redo the web apps. We’ll hopefully have something by end of summer for this.
Firebase integration and external users has been launched.
Scheduled push notifications is in progress. There are a few documented work arounds for this though.
There is no native camera option (unless you’re scanning qr codes or barcodes).

When Adalo launches the paid component marketplace, I’d expect A LOT of this to change as devs will be incentivized to build these out.

Hope that helps,


Thank you for the input! I’ll have to play around with it again to test :slight_smile:
Thinking of using Wordpress, Firebase and Adalo in a combination :slight_smile:

I’d recommend checking out ideas.adalo.com.

You can see the progress of the items above (plus up vote for anything you’re looking for).

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