Magic Text from a collection that isn't linked to a user

I have a collection, it’s called “Live Rooms” that collection has two properties in it: Room Name and Room URL.

Here’s the scenario:

I’m using JAM Audio, I like it. I’m using the Web View to make it work in the app. Works great.

But the iFrame I’m using would change every time I create a new room. I don’t want to have to push a rebuild to iOS and Android everytime I update the room - obviously.

Since databases changes are reflected in the live app without having to push a rebuild, my desire is to just have to update the Room URL field whenever I change a room. The magic text for Web View would be a great way to pull this data in.

However, this collection has no relationships… so how do I pull it into the Magic Text value? The value won’t be based on a user, it will be the same for every user…

How do I accomplish this?

Hi @tanner,

If you have a list of “Live Rooms” you can link to a screen with the JAM audio component. For the Audio Room URL, you would use magic text and it would be

Live Room > Room URL
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How do I link it? I tried to manually add it and couldn’t figure it out.

Wait, you don’t need a Room URL. The audio component uses Room ID’s.


Here’s how you use the magic text.


Anyways, I included a cloneable app below.

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No I can’t use the actual component, because it won’t work in the native app, only with webview.

You should be able to with @TKOTC’s Permissions manager component.

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Won’t work. The Jam Space component in the store is built to not work on native, you need to use the webview trick as outlined in their original video with the permissions component. Did you ever get in touch with them? I can always build a Jam room component.

If you have a single record/room in the database that you want to use magic text with, the way to do it is to add a new column called ID and give it any known value, like 1 or something like that then select the webview and click on the vertical 3 dots beside its name on the left and choose “Make List”, set it to a list of your rooms collection, then filter ID column where the value is 1. You can then go to components of the list and use the magic text in the url.

This will ensure you only have 1 webview on the page while giving access to your magic text.


Reading more, you probably don’t need a new column because you have room name. If room name never changes you can use that. Filter Room Name by “Hangout” or something.

I’ve messaged the developer multiple times in the past month with no response. He has been responding in the summer but lately, he hasn’t gotten back to me.

You’re right @TKOTC, I could just use the same room name all the time. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

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