Many to Many Relationship Issue

Hi there!

I have two collections that have a many to many relationship with one another - a User can have multiple Assignments and an Assignment can have multiple Users.

I’ve been struggling to find a way to implement the following:

I want a form where I can create a new assignment that is assigned to a specific subset of users (specifically only the users with two criteria). I already have a screen to create the body of the assignment (where I can add questions) but I am struggling to figure out how I can give this assignment to multiple Users.

Ideally I would have a screen with all users on it, and I could simply checkbox select the ones I would like to add to the assignment.


I could instead ideally just have an action on a button that automatically assigns the assignment to all users with certain criteria (however right now I only know how to give an assignment to one User at a time with an action)

Does anyone know how I could go about doing this?


You can use a toggle in a custom list to add users from your list to the current assignment. Or vice Versa.

You can use a countdown timer to essentially do the same automatically, but this has limits of say 20 records to work reliably. It is very heavy on the device processes.

Just filter the list according to your criteria.

I would create the assignment on a button click, then load a screen with a form to update the new / current assignment. Second update screen or pop up contains your list of users with toggle or countdown timer👍

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Hi @Rozza - The custom list with toggles worked great!

Thanks so much!

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