Generic assignments to users before personalisation!?!

I am not far off publishing this app but this one element is driving me crazy and I think it’s something really basic but I’ve been staring at it so long, I can’t see the logic.

I have an information based app. One page on it contains a list of assignments like a menu. I want the page to display all the assignments when a user first logs on and then they can mark some as complete. They can even send some to a separate page if they choose. I set it up and it worked like a dream for my first user but then my second user came on and the assignments were all rearranged from user one!!! How do I get a list that is the same for all users until they begin filtering and completing them, at which point the lists become bespoke for each user? I suppose I am somehow missing how to relate the list to the unique user so they aren’t affecting the database for everyone.

I can’t find anyone asking for this help or find anything on Youtube which makes me think this is a noob error or can’t be done.

I’d really appreciate any advice at all, feel free to be as patronising as you like, I’m losing sleep over this.

I’ve tried to do this copying from the order example. So the assignments are my menu items and the user can pick ‘goal’ assignments as their ‘order’. Thought it was brilliant. Now I’m in the same boat as before but with two categories for assignments.

I can sort of get it working a little but as soon as I start adding properties to the categories they stop updating the DB and start behaving weirdly. I’m worried that the relationships between the user, the assignment library and the user selected ‘goal’ assignments will mess up the whole DB if I don’t stop fiddling with it.

For clarity then. I need:

  • a list of assignments (that I create Title, Summary, Image) visible to every user.

  • a filter on this list to only show the assignments that haven’t been selected by each user as a goal or completed by them successfully.

  • I need the completed successfully to be a separate list on another screen and where to put the relevant yes/no filter - user, goal assignment or new user completed assignment???

  • once this is running I’d really like to add a sum metric to the user so they can see how many assignments they’ve completed.

Any help graciously received. Thanks, Jon