Map Markers and pop up

Hello, I have 3 maps on my app so far - 2 have multiple markers and 1 has a single marker. on the 2 maps with multi, I can get a pop up to display information when a marker is clicked, this works fine on both maps but when I come to the single maker map this pop up no longer works. I’ve checked and all the settings and display options are the same. does anyone know why I can’t get the pop up to work on a single marker map?

Hi Rachael, could you please post screenshots of the settings for the maps so I can see. Thanks

hello, these are screenshots of the app. so on one of the pages, we have a map that when the markers are clicked the green pop up shows and displays information and a clickable link to a booking page. this seems to only be working on the map with multiple markers and the next screenshot shows we have another map with only a single marker, this should work the same way but I can seem to get the pop up to show. I have double-checked and all the settings are the same and the maps themselves seem to work just fine.

Thanks. Could you send screenshots of the actions on the markers, bot single and multiple. Thanks

hey - thanks for getting back to me. I’m not sure what you meant these are screenshots of the actions on the markers for both multi and single, the one that says the current map is the multi-marker and the one that is current things to do is the single marker map.

Thank you. As you can see in the screenshots, the ‘send this data to another screen’ data is different, this would lead me to believe that both maps are being populated with different data. You need both maps to show ‘current things to do’ if this is what you need to show in the popup.

Why? The maps are for two different things and both pop ups are on separate pages. I don’t understand why they need to have the same data when they are both ment to be different

Hi Rachael, apologies, I thought they contained the same data but on different pages.

This would be quite difficult to troubleshoot without having access to the app. Let me know if you would like to grant me temporary access and I can message you my email address.


hiya yeah thats fine, can you please let me know how to do this

If you click on app settings in the left menu then click app access and there is a field to add a team member, please add the email address I just sent you. Thanks

hello thanks for getting back to me so fast, ive added you as a team member now

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i should have said that the one we are working on is called " Meet Muscle Shoals apple" we have two separate builds of this app

Hi Rachael,

I received an email saying you had added me to your app but when I go to my app list, your app does not appear. Could you please add my email again and see if it works, thanks.

Hiya Craig Ive removed you and added you back again

Hmmm, it’s still not working for some reason, I will send you a different email address and see if it helps

Hey, ive added the new email address

Thanks Rachael, I can’t seem to access your app, this must be a bug, let me just speak with the Adalo team and see if there is a bug.

okay thank you for your help

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How many team members do you have in the team? It may only work with 1 so you may need to temporarily remove somebody else for it to work. For more seats you must be on the business plan I think

we only have two team members - 3 including yours